user research may 12 2018

user research may 12 2018

i want to start with what is information what is matter what is soul

we use computer for ages but in 2018s we have technology rather than the old one like metal wood fire we can imagine new sides of matter or existence today

whether ubuntu android mac os windows or a completely different paradigm idea concept in operating system and operated hardware technology a local computer an isolated computer is only for calculation by itself

we need to be social with our technologies in a dimension of meaning

that is why there are many universities countries

whether it is a small stone a fragment i am keen to connect everything to everything like todays most famous slogan we are one

so in traditional computing which made by writetyper or chips with screen touchscreen or voice command dictation or holographical way dimension or with brain directly every small piece fragment like in UNIX engineering paradigm concept idea philosophy should be connected together inside and outside to be a free and open system

so what offered here when you say or write it should be much more easier every letter and every word paragraph or all whole text and other texts pictures voices audios videos binaries source codes electricity frequencies on cloud in other word on network dimension

so that touches the reality questioning what is reality and all these things are related with artificial intelligence philosophy and also religion

so on move on just flow in any dimension

Written by Mert Gör

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